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Marketing Hat

A practical marketing service for busy business people.

67 Wilpena Terrace, Aldgate

Marian MacLucas
0408 613 749





My Pigeon Pear Baby Boutique

Specialising in local hand made vintage inspired baby clothing, accessories, footwear, personalised goods, gifts, skincare, teething aids and more.

23-26 West Terrace, Callington SA 5254

Patricia Sims 0427 206 057




Mount Barker Business Group is an association of small business owners based in the vibrant Adelaide Hills. We get together fortnightly to help each other grow using networking, business referrals and sharing of ideas.



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7 deadly (costly) traps employers can step into………………and how to avoid them.

LawCall   08 June 2017

The other day, I was at my local electrical retailer and we got talking about the challenges small businesses face and he mentioned staff employment related issues. I was asked, “Graeme, what are the most common traps that you see employers fall into?” A good question, and I elaborate here, on the answers I gave. … Continue reading "7 deadly (costly) traps employers can step into………………and how to avoid them."...

3 things I wish I knew before starting a personal training business

Step into Life   31 March 2017

Larry Cohen, Step into Life founder, shares some important advice on how to grow a PT business.  Starting a personal training business is not easy, especially in this competitive marketplace. For example, research shows more than 900,000 Australians are now paying for personal training. So, how do you stand out when vying for business? We … Continue reading "3 things I wish I knew before starting a personal training business"...

Rhinomax Defender Adelaide Preview

The Dirt Off Road Campers   01 March 2017

We’ve managed to secure the NEW Rhinomax Defender for a very limited viewing opportunity in the first week of March. The Defender is making its debut at the 2017 Victorian Caravan, Camping and Touring Super Show starting this week and will be freighted over to Adelaide for a few days afterwards. We’re hoping to see … Continue reading "Rhinomax Defender Adelaide Preview"...

Spend A Little More Now

Properties4U   28 February 2017

Spend a little more now…to gain greater results in the future. I’m often asked what makes Properties 4 U standout from the crowd with Property investing. My answer is simple, “quality homes in desirable locations where families want to live” A recent article in in Smart Investor Magazine reveals the top 5 things home owners … Continue reading "Spend A Little More Now"...