About the Mount Barker Business Group

The Group was founded in 2009.

We are an association of  small to medium business owners and managers based in the vibrant Adelaide Hills. Larger businesses may join under certain circumstances.

We get together fortnightly to help each other grow using networking, business referrals and the sharing of ideas. The group is managed by a Committee who are elected annually in accordance with a Constitution.

The Group has a long history and a bright future because we remain true to our values. We are:

  • Warm and inclusive of all members ranging from sole traders to larger family enterprises
  • Passionate and proud of our Adelaide Hills
  • Dedicated to excellence in value and service
  • Determined to help our member businesses prosper with word of mouth referrals and knowledge sharing

Group membership is drawn from a wide range of businesses – with diversity assured by the group’s policy of allowing more than one member per trade or business sector.

Fortnightly breakfast meetings are held at Auchendarroch House, 17 Adelaide Rd, Mount Barker. We meet for one hour, starting  at 7.30am. Meeting formats vary, and we try to keep members active and interested! Membership and guest enquiries are most welcome – please Contact Us.

Breakfast Meetings with the MBBG

The main feature of our group is the fortnightly breakfast meetings that we hold at Auchendarroch House.

At our meetings we address any items of importance that members of the group have raised before moving onto surprise interviews or a brief summary of a number of the businesses in the group, especially new faces!

We host guest speakers at our meetings as well and do so quite regularly, the presentations that are given at our meetings come from members of the group, businesses that are making changes in the community or hosting events in the near future, to members of council and local politicians who can inform members of the group what is happening in the community from their perspective.

Mount Barker Business Group Committee Members

MBBG Chairperson - Rachelle Barlow


Rachelle Barlow
Stroud Homes

Deputy Chair

Sheena Trumble
Sheena Trumble Business Coaching and Consulting

MBBG Treasurer - James King


James King
Jim’s Termite & Pest Control

MBBG Secretary - Kym Bassel


Kym Bassel
IT Solveit

Public Officer

Hugh Steele
Mead Robson Steele

Social Function Coordinator

Phillip Marriott
Guardian Gecko

Membership Coordinator

Phillip Marriott
Guardian Gecko

MBBG Community Project Coordinator - Aaron Vogt

Community Project Coordinator

Aaron Vogt
Preferred Finance

Meeting Coordinator

Kyle Seaton-Giles
Gym Leader Health & Fitness

MBBG Website and Marketing - Jack Smart

Website and Marketing Coordinator

Jack Smart
Smarter Web Solutions