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The Mount Barker Business Group is an association of small business owners based in the vibrant Adelaide Hills.

We get together fortnightly to help each other grow using networking, business referrals and the sharing of ideas.

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Simply complete the membership form below and we will be in contact with you. The MBBG aims to support each member of their group, by providing them with the opportunity for recognition and referrals for their business. Group membership is drawn from a wide range of businesses – with diversity assured by the group’s policy of allowing more than one member per trade or business sector
The Mount Barker Business Group (MBBG) invites sponsorship applications from non-profit organizations for local events or projects that benefit the Mount Barker and surrounding communities. Applications can be submitted at any time but will usually only be considered in March (for applications received by 28 February) and September (for applications received by 31 August). As a guide the MBBG preference is to support a wide variety of organizations with a modest contribution of between $250 and $500 as our funds are very limited. The number of people positively impacted by the event or project will also be taken into account although we do not rule out supporting an event or project that has a very large positive impact on a relatively small number of disadvantaged people.