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This week, we’re focusing on sharpening your margins – which is the difference between what you pay and what you sell.

Let’s start with pricing.
The “Price Play” is about ensuring you’re being paid what you’re worth for your products or services.

It’s not just about what customers can afford, but charging what you’re truly worth. While we don’t want to lose customers, we also don’t want to undervalue ourselves.

Sometimes, we struggle to justify our prices. Three common roadblocks I hear from business owners are:

  1. Worrying too much about customer reactions.
  2. Overcomplicating pricing with spreadsheets.
  3. Engaging in complex discussions that lead nowhere.

We want to keep it simple and straightforward. When pricing is right, three things happen:

  1. Boosted Profits: The right price means more profit for your business. Price adjustments can quickly improve profitability across everything you sell, providing fast results that build momentum for more great strategies.
  2. Marketing Mojo: Correct pricing gives you a clear position in your market. You can stand out as the best, the most cost-effective, or offering better value, depending on your pricing strategy. This clarity is invaluable for marketing.
  3. Happy Campers: Clear pricing makes it easier to discuss with your clients and customers. When they understand your value, they’re more likely to become repeat buyers and recommend your business to others, building a loyal customer base.

Before we start, ask yourself which worries you the most:

  1. customer reactions,
  2. pricing complexity, or
  3. competitive pressures.

Whatever it is, don’t let it hold you back. Let’s dive into the challenge: Pricing!


August 2
7:15 am - 8:30 am
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Auchendarroch House
17 Adelaide Road
Mt Barker,
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