Terms, Conditions & Rules Of Membership

Membership Fees; membership is $90.00 per year from January to December plus an initial joining fee of $50.00(this includes Website listing and link, will appear on invoice as Website Fee). There are also meeting fees of $15each, paid quarterly (applicable even if you are unable to attend). Please also refer to point 3.

Membership is voluntary and by acceptance of current members.

Membership can be cancelled by the business owner at any time with written notice to a committee member. Membership and meeting fees will continue to accrue until written cancellation of membership has been received.

The committee will be voted in each year by the current members.

The Mount Barker Business Group is a non-profit, community based organisation for business owners & managers who conduct business in the Adelaide Hills area.

The concept of the group is to educate, promote, advertise, refer clients, generate lead awareness and network with each other’s business its members.

I agree to attend the MBBG fortnightly meetings.

I agree to promote and refer other members businesses where possible.

I agree to keep the spirit of the group alive by acting in a proactive & positive way when upholding the group’s concept of business networking.

I agree to act in a business manner at all times when networking, referring other members businesses and discussing the group.

I agree that my membership may be reviewed and revoked if I do not attend regular meetings. Missing 3 in a row automatically qualifies for a review of membership with possible cancellation.

I agree to be aware and invite potential new members where possible, if memberships are available for that type of business.

I agree that all decisions, disputes, votes, concepts, ideas & directions of the group will be resolved by a membership vote and majority vote will be final.

I agree to bear any expenses incurred by myself (for any meetings, etc) and will not charge or occur any expenses to the group’s name or any other business in the group.

I agree to stay council, political, government & religious neutral for the benefit of the group.

I agree to act in the best interests of the group, the community, fellow members, their businesses and their staff.

I agree to have my business contact details on the group’s website and available for other members.